To offer building owners effective damage mitigation products & insurance incentives through premium credits linked to reduced insurance risk.

Vision - Effective Risk Management by Combining Insurance & Innovative Damage Mitigation 

•  Identify persistent yet easily avoidable losses  -   75% of hurricanes have wind speeds less than 110 mph (low risk of projectiles) and over 70% of the damage at these wind speeds is from roof cover damage.

•  Find innovative mitigation solution  -  AeroEdge® easily clips on roof edges and is less expensive than strengthening options.

•  Confirm material reduction of loses  -   AeroEdge® reduces maximum wind uplift by as much as 50% which can significantly reduce the more frequent yet avoidable storm roofing damage and water intrusion.

•  Advocate premium credits for installing mitigation  -   Work with insurers and catastrophe modelers to create risk adjusted insurance pricing.

 To learn how you can install AeroEdge® , mitigate hurricane wind damage and reduce Insurance costs:

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When the wind blows, the roof protects your building - AeroEdge® protects your roof.