Hurricane Statistics2004 Hurricane Charley Wind Speed Footprint

75% of Hurricanes that make landfall in the mainland USA, have maximum sustained wind speeds of less than 110 mph (CAT 2 or below).  Even in the remaining 25% (CAT 3 and above), most of the affected area within the Hurricane footprint has winds below 110 mph.

For the 2004 hurricanes Jeanne (CAT 2), Frances (CAT 2) & Charles (CAT 4), 85% of the wind footprints were below 110 mph (from tropical storm up to and including CAT 2).  Even in the CAT 4 Charley, only 2.5% of the affected area experienced winds in excess of 111 (CAT 3 or above).

Predominant Failure Mode - Roof Cover DamageRoof-damage-flyover

Wind driven damage in these footprints, is dominated by roof cover failures and ensuing water intrusion.  Although these losses may only involve a portion of a structure's replacement cost, they are much more numerous and are actually a primary contributor of the total repair costs from a hurricane.  Frequently, this type of damage also leads to loss of use which contributes to additional costs and inconveniences.


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