AeroEdge USA, is proud to be partnering with the following companies whose proven leadership in their industries is well established:

Patent Licensing & Support Services: 

Renaissance Reinsurance,  (RenaissanceRe) a leading global provider of property catastrophe reinsurance and insurance, has gained recognition for excellence in the industry through disciplined underwriting, capital management expertise, sophisticated risk analytics and responsive client service.  AeroEdge USA licenses the AeroEdge® line of patented aerodynamic roof edging from a subsidiary of RenaissanceRe Holding Ltd.

Catastrophe Modeling: 

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) is a world leader in estimating insurance losses that can occur in natural catastrophes like hurricanes and wind storms. A significant number of insurance and reinsurance companies use RMS’ expert based peril models when pricing insurance covers and managing risk accumulation. RMS has worked closely with both RenaissanceRe and AeroEdge USA to evaluate and confirm estimated loss reductions using proprietary damage curves.


Hickman Engineered Systems (Hickman), an OMG Roofing Products Company is a leading manufacturer of easily installed metal roof edging. Hickman is AeroEdge USA’s partner and licensed manufacturer of AeroEdge® roof edging. Hickman testing facilities were used to obtain AeroEdge® classification by Underwriters Laboratories for compliance with ANSI/SPRI ES-1 “Wind Design Standard for Edge Systems Used with Low Slope Roof Systems” as required by the International Building Code.

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When the wind blows, the roof protects your building - AeroEdge® protects your roof.